About Us

BettingAccas are a UK-based betting tips website. We offer tips and updates on predominantly football and basketball. We try and give you the best odds and tips in an effort to make you win big every time. We started in early 2013 and are still progressing and changing our format, constantly looking to innovate our website. We started with a small team and are now looking to grow to provide you with value for money.

We charge a little amount each month for the upkeep of the website. We do this all for the community as without you we would not be successful. We take all your suggestions into account so please contact us via Twitter or email with any suggestions for the development of the website or company.

We give the best advice by looking at stats, facts and variables. We analyse these daily to give you the best tips. We give a recommendation on stake to try and give the best opportunity of making a profit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of betting, it is impossible to predict every outcome correctly (unless you’re Paul the Octopus) so hence not every tip will be a winner, but by following our tips regularly we will give you a much better chance of making a profit. We are not in any way forcing you to copy our tips or stake suggestions.