Rolling Accumulator

Here we have a Rolling Accumulator, this means we will start with a set stake and put it on a single selection, then once that bet comes through we will use all that money on another single. We recommend making a separate betting account just for the ‘Rolling Accumulator’, then you can put everything on the next bet and it just organises bets a lot easier. Selections will in most circumstances be daily. New Rolling Accumulator’s will start after a loss, we would advise withdrawing around 15% after each selection is won. We will notify people when a new selection is up via Twitter.

Some Previous Accumulator’s (Click for Image)
(£10,959.66) Rolling Accumulator 31st July – 16th August 2013
(£1,082.30) Rolling Accumulator 10th May 2015
(£577.94) Rolling Accumulator June 12th-24th
(£521.30) Rolling Accumulator March 3rd-March 4th
(£704.57) Rolling Accumulator May 25th-May 26th
(£1,274.29) Rolling Accumulator June 2nd- June 3rd
(£1,027.84) Rolling Accumulator July 2nd- July 3rd
(£1,034.41) Rolling Accumulator February 13th- February 14th
(£1,037.89) Rolling Accumulator May 7th- May 9th

Current Accumulator:

SelectionOdds                                      .Result    
#1 Time Of 4th Goal Before 80:00, West Brom vs Chelsea£20.00 Returns £30.66WON
#2 Over 0.5 1st Half Goals: Manchester United vs Newcastle United£30.66 Returns £40.87WON
#3 Over 1.5 1st Half Goals: Plzen U21 vs Prague U21£40.87 Returns £78.02WON
#4 Over 1.5 Goals: Leeds vs Middlesbrough£78.02 Returns £101.42WON
#5 Bonn To Win 3rd Quarter vs Bayreuth£101.42 Returns £164.80WON
#6 Pieno To Win 1st Quarter vs Siauliai£164.80 Returns £274.66PENDING